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Bonus program

Bonus program

We are pleased to welcome you to the loyalty program of the sushi bar "Sushi Cones"

Use the bonus card when ordering online and receive a cashback of up to 5% of the check amount on your bonus account with each purchase.

Types of cards:

Level I - 2%
Level II - 3%
Level III - 4%
Level IV - 5%

Terms of obtaining a loyalty card:

2% - given to the guest when registering and ordering online, an additional bonus, you get 50 bonuses (50 UAH) as a gift!
3% - automatically switches from 2% when accumulating the total amount of checks online 1,000;
4% - automatically switches from 3% when accumulating a total of 2,000 checks online;
5% - automatically switches from 4% when accumulating the total amount of checks online UAH 3,000;

1 bonus = 1 hryvnia

Bonuses are accrued automatically according to your activity level.

You can spend bonus points by using the "sushi-cones" application or by placing an order online. The minimum order amount for paying with bonuses is 400 UAH.

Points will be deducted from the personal account of the user of the application / site in accordance with the specified amount. You can view the number of accumulated and spent points in your personal account.

In the upper right corner of the card the% of cashback is indicated, in the upper left corner of the card the number of points on the card.